We believe that transcending your personal self is at the throbbing heart of what human life and happiness is all about. Everything else is tributary and derivative.

I am a qualified chartered accountant with extensive experience in the public and private sectors.

I have always been curious about what drives human behaviour and performance. Through my journey, I have found my purpose for existing; embraced my life path and strengths. This has led me to follow my coaching passion and train to be a Transformation Coach.

It is therefore not a co-incidence that you are reading this and considering whether to embark on this transformational journey with me.

My goal is to guide you to Bliss/Ananda/Nirvana, which is your birthright.

Your Coach Slingsby Wonga Mda

Your Deeper Self

The Universe has been going on for 13.8 billion years, it won’t change because of you or a moment that you encounter.

Your journey is about your spiritual growth, your journey is a journey of liberation, journey to find the deepest part of your being, which is the most beautiful part of the Universe-who you are in there.

You are inspiration itself, you are love, you are beauty. That is who you are.

You don’t make your job spiritual, you make yourself spiritual.

Personal Mind Or Self

Your personal mind is not creative, in fact it is destructive. It is the lowest part of your being. It has needs, wants, insecurities and fears. Only thinks of itself as the focus. I am the center of the Universe and everything is about me. How do I get what I want, how do I get to do what I want? The personal mind is only creative about getting what it wants.

It is here to get something, it is always causing problems through my entire life by being judgemental and conditional. It does not allow me to give of myself. It believes that everything has to be the way I want it to be for me to get turned on.

It believes that work and relationships are about me, what I can get from it and what it can do for me. Work is an answer to problems I have, therefore work is a place where I go to get something whether it is money, career or growth path.

It is the lowest aspect of yourself and it is always complaining.

Work And Relationships

You go to work cause you would like to express yourself. Same reason that an artist paints in her spare time, work is a manifestation of that expression.

You don’t get into a relationship cause you want something from somebody that you are not ok and magically that person will make you ok. You get into a relationship cause you are filled with love, filled with joy and excitement and you would like to share it.

Work is not a place you go to get something so that you are fulfilled. Work is a place that in expressing yourself, sharing and giving, you get fulfilled.

Work is a place to engage yourself so that you are not distracted by all these internal problems. You go to let go of yourself not to solve the problem. Don’t get things for yourself, your lower aspect of yourself that thinks the whole world is about you, is what  you need to get rid of. You go to cleanse and get rid of this internal problem.